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A security guard is an individual employed either by the government or by a company for protection and security purposes. The duty of a security guard consists of maintaining a high-visibility presence to control any kind of criminal activity and taking prompt action to minimize damage in case of an emergency.

We see security guards almost every other day in different places, from banks to shopping centers to schools. United Security Patrol is one of the known companies that offer Superior Guard Services to its clients.

Security guards play an important part in our lives and the lives of our loved ones. But it is rare that we think about the role a security guard plays in our safety and protection.

Opinion of People About Security Guards

Most people believe that a role of a security guard depends on the company they are from, their assignment, qualities, training, etc. Like all doctors are not the same. All security guards are also different.

People believe that some security guards have minimal training while others are highly qualified. Some have an extra pair of eyes and are extremely vigilant, while others are often sleeping while on duty. Some are extremely dedicated, while others hardly perform their job efficiently.

In short, the public opinion about security guards is that some are good at their job while others are just looking for a paycheck.

Importance of Security Guards

We often tend San Bernardino Security Guards Company to take security guards and the role they play in our lives for granted. More often than not, we even fail to acknowledge their presence. Despite our ignorance, we cannot deny the crucial role security guards play in our lives to protect us, our property, our assets, and our infrastructure.

Security guards are physically present on-site, which makes their response time in case of any emergency instant and quick.

In addition, security guards can help prevent any kind of crime, including theft, vandalism. Their presence brings a sense of security.

Misconceptions People Have About Security Guards

There are also many misconceptions people have about security guards. Let us discuss some of the misconceptions people have about security guards

  • All Security Guards Carry a Gun

No, not all security guards carry a gun. Some security guards are armed, while others are unarmed. If a security guard carries a gun, it means he is highly trained and certified. 

  • Security Guards Are Neither Trained nor Educated

This is another misconception about security guards. The truth is that security guards are highly trained and educated in the domain of security and safety. They are trained to handle difficult situations, including the prevention of crime.

  • Security Guards Are Constantly Supervised

Security guards are NOT constantly supervised. They have the ability to work independently. They often collaborate with coordinators to devise a strategy, and then they can implement that strategy independently.

  • Security Guards Are Rude Towards Public

Not anymore. In this contemporary world, security guards are trained to communicate with the public in a polite, respectful manner.

  • Security Guards Are Too Expensive

It depends on what are clients’ needs, and requirements are. Security guards are both affordable and expensive, depending on their skills, training, and their job description.

Choosing the Right Security Service

For different jobs, there are different types of security guards. You can choose a security guard depending on whether you are looking to hire armed security guards or unarmed guards.

For example, you might find an unarmed security guard outside a cinema theatre and an armed security guard outside a school or a bank.

Also, different guards would have different kinds of equipment. For instance, a guard outside a shopping mall would most likely have a radio and a club, while a guard outside a construction site would have a security booth as well as house monitoring equipment.

If you are looking to hire a security guard, you can hire your own guard or take the services of a security company. It might appear that hiring your own guard is less expensive in comparison to taking the services of a security company; however, looking at it from a long-term perspective, you might need to train and supervise your own guard. So it might not be a suitable option in the long run.

Hiring a guard from a security company is a fast and easy process. You will easily find trained and skilled security guards having the necessary equipment to protect you from a security company like United Security Patrol.

Studies in Different Countries Regarding Perception of People About Security Guards

Study Conducted in Netherlands

A study was conducted in Netherlands on the topic “Citizen satisfaction with private security guards in the Netherlands.” It found out that citizens have diverse opinions about private security guards, and most of the respondents did not view the work of security guards in negative terms. “Contact with security guards was a key predictor of satisfaction with guard service,” the study revealed.

Study Conducted in Britain

A survey was conducted by YouGov on behalf of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA), the Security Institute (SyI), and the Security Commonwealth (SyCom) to find the perception of the British public regarding security officers. According to the finding of the survey, 31 percent of respondents believed that security officers are essential to keeping the UK safe and secure, while 41 percent indicated respect and a feeling of safety due to the work that security officers conduct.

Study Conducted in Portugal

A similar study was conducted in Portugal to assess the citizens’ level of trust and confidence in private security guards. It found that citizens’ contact experience with security guards, their perceptions about the “professionalism, imagery, civility and accountability of private security guards” have an impact on their confidence in them.


Every security guard is different. And the opinion of citizens about security guards also differs from person to person. However, regardless of diverse opinions, the importance of security guards can’t be denied. They are a necessity in today’s age and time to protect people, their businesses, and their assets.

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