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About different security needs, we have discussed it a dozen times. Each has its importance in its shoes, whether armed, unarmed, event, or even the vehicle patrol security. It all sounds similar, but about the vehicle patrol services San Bernardino?

Vehicle patrol security officers do control outside of the property, keeping invaders aside and protecting the individual. Is there anything extra? What are the exact duties and responsibilities of vehicle patrol officers? 

Duties and Role of Vehicle Patrol Security Officer

Since you are interested in pursuing your career as a vehicle patrol officer, the following are the duties and responsibilities you need to perform;

1.     Patrolling the site

As the name suggests, the foremost duty of the patrol security officers is to patrol the site they are hired for. The guards need to track the area, figuring out what crimes are taking place. 

Most of the time, patrol officers are hired for locations like under construction, having a high rate of robberies, and illegal or abandoned properties.

In case of suspicious activities, the guards investigate to the root to find the criminal and take illegal action accordingly. 

2.     Keeping spectators away

The duties and responsibilities of the vehicle patrol services San Bernardino are way different than the ordinary security guards. Unlike the armed guards, patrol officers never stand in one place.

They keep on patrolling the location to keep spectators away. Not keeping the spectators away will keep the rate of criminal activities high. 

3.     Respond to calls

Be it a traffic accident or on-side robbery: the vehicle patrol security guards immediately control the situation. 

During the training days, the patrol security officers are specially trained to deal with an emergency – keeping the environment breathable.

The vehicle patrol services officers immediately locate the site, reporting emergencies. Reaching there, the vehicle security guards identify the cause of panic. If any individual is injured, they immediately take him for first aid. 

4.     Make arrests

Before arresting criminals and sending them behind bars, you should be clear with one thing. First, confirm with your department whether you are allowed to charge or not. If yes, then be ready to show your actions.

Whenever you encounter someone doing suspicious activities or breaking the rules, arrest them per the rules of San Bernardino.

Handcuff the person, then search to find all possible shreds of evidence. If situations are serious, take him in legal custody. 

5.     Enforce traffic rules

Whether the vehicle patrol services San Bernardino patrolling by walk or using any vehicle, enforcing the traffic rules is a crucial part of their duty.

Around the location, the vehicle security guards are patrolling; they have to ensure that every individual follows the rules and regulations.

When noticing someone is breaking the rules, the vehicle security guards are allowed to report them challan. 

6.     Interacting with community

How will the citizens know what happens inside the security department when no one will show them? Vehicle patrol services San Bernardino officers are the representative of the security department. 

Besides presenting themselves as professional, the guards need to keep their relationship friendly with the community. The more friendly they will interact with, the more comfortable the attendees will be.

Studies have shown that folks find it easier to communicate with friendly security officers than those who are always rude and cold. 

Besides the mentioned services, the additional services vehicle patrol security officers perform are;

  • Controlling the parking area;
  • Checking for graffiti;
  • Locating the attendees who don’t belong to the property;
  • Offering first aid to the injured ones;
  • Controlling the parking viciousness.

Requirements for Vehicle Patrol Services San Bernardino

Before stepping into the field and presenting yourself as a part of vehicle patrol services San Bernardino, you need to fulfill the following requirement.

  • Education graduated from High school or any equivalent degree;
  • Clear criminal and medical background. Drug screening is a crucial step while hiring – need to be flexible to pass that stage;
  • Highly engaging communication skills;
  • Strong grip on making reports and investigation;
  • While investigating, need to have a solid command to detect every single suspicious activity;
  • Experience in military services, law enforcement, or any legal security contract;
  • Know-how with CPR, first aid, and firearms;
  • Exceptional physical strength and stamina to stay straight all day long;

Per the department’s demand and mode of duty, the responsibilities of vehicle patrol services San Bernardino are way different from the other security officers. If you are all about to pursue your career as a vehicle patrol officer, make sure to fulfill the requirement list. Lastly, make sure to be confident, thoughtful, and loyal with your security department. 

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