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Security patrol service is a type of service provided by the security guard companies for the safeguarding of your business and residential properties. These companies offer a security guard, or number of security guards depending on your requirement, that patrol around the designated area, keeping an eye out for any suspicious activity. These security patrol officers are professionally trained guards, they are equipped with communication devices and defensive weapons. Some guards at banks or other vulnerable sites also carry a gun. These guards patrol at different intervals, patrolling around, maintaining the security of the client’s property.

Modes Of Patrolling:

Foot patrol:

it is the most common type of patrol as well as the most detailed type. The security patrol officerhttps://unitedsecuritypatrol.com/blogs/ can observe and analyze the security situation of site more clearly on foot. They could check footprints, open windows, signs of entrance more closely on foot.

Vehicle patrol:

This type of security patrol service is done when the security patrol officer has to cover a large area. He monitors the area on any vehicle like golf cart, a motorbike or a bicycle. It is used in large areas like parks, golf courses or football grounds. And especially when an immediate response is required.

Remote patrol:

This type of security patrolling makes use of video footage technology. The officers monitor the area with the help of CCTV cameras and drones that send the footages to the recording monitor.

If you are looking to buy some residential complexes or business properties, you must look into some security patrolling services. Here are some of the benefits of the security patrol service.

Safety Of the Tenants and Employees:

If you are the owner of a residential complex, a hotel or a business where a number of people work, it is important that you invest in the proper security. The security of the tenants and employees is your responsibility an if anything happens to them due to the lack of security arrangements, it can lead to a law suit. That’s why you should hire at least one security patrol officer to look after your property.

Quick Response:

In any crisis situation, for example, breaking in, robbery attempt, gunshots, or fire, it takes time to call for help. The crucial preliminary minutes, when the actual saving could have been done, are lost to call for police or firemen. But if you already have the guards from the security patrol service, they can act quickly and diffuse the situation themselves. These officers, apart from patrolling, are trained for such situations and can perform necessary actions. In a business building, such an event can cause a panic among the people inside the building. In such situation a security guard can handle the situation professionally.

Deterrence Of Criminals:

The common acts of crime on residential or business property are theft, vandalism, robbery, murder and other acts of terrorism. Criminals often target the areas and houses where the security is not strong, or where they are not afraid of being caught. Only the presence of a security patrol officer would keep the criminals at a distance. They know if they try to break inside a property guarded by an officer, they are likely to get caught. Even if they try to fight their way in with the help of guns or weapons, they know that the guard is most likely to carry one as well. So, by hiring a security patrol service, you are keeping your property and business immune from any possible crimes.

Law Enforcement Authority:

The most beneficial aspect of hiring security from a security patrol service is that they are professionally trained members of law enforcement authorities and have license to arrest criminals. These security patrol officers have the right to arrest any person that commits crime and present it to the police constables. These officers patrol around the premises, looking out for suspicious activities. These officers also carry a badge and gun and their license given to them by their law enforcement authorities.

Reputation Of the Business:

 The success of business depends upon the security situation. Imagine that you own high profile business but the security of the employees is not guaranteed at the office, no one will work for you. Similarly, imagine that you own a luxury condo complex with all the necessities and luxuries. But if there are recurring crimes, robberies and murders, not many people would want to live in your complex.

However, if the security system of your property is equipped with a security patrol service, the reputation of your business and property will be good and many people would want to pay for it. when many people want to pay for it you can charge more than its worth and it will earn you a lot of profit.

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