The first impression. The Uniform.

Uniforms are an integral part of the professionalism a security guard portrays. Security guards and courtesy patrol officers are a vital part to the infrastructure that business or property owners require. Just the simple presence of a security guard can reduce the crime rate at a location. The guards job is to monitor and observe the property and assets of the custom. A professional appearance and demeanor can make a world of difference when servicing a clients property.

Our team here at United Security Services understand that hiring security guards can be a bit intimidating for some and we are here to help. We also understand that not every location is alike. Different locations require different attire. Our team will work with you to establish the best fit for your location and needs.

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Uniforms are the first visual a security guard provides

We offer 3 different optional uniforms to accommodate whatever your needs may be.  The first and most common is the black tactical and will typically be used at most locations.  The next is black pants, either tactical or dress, accompanied by a grey security polo.  Perfect for a casual event or venue.  The final option we offer is a suit accompanied by a tie and dress shoes.  This would fit perfect for a black tie event or a gala.

First our standard uniform consists of black tactical pants, work boots, and a black security uniform shirt.  A duty belt will also be worn.  This uniform is the most frequently used.  This uniform will be worn by our unarmed guards, armed guards as well as our courtesy patrol guards.  This uniform exudes a form of authority thus reducing the crime rates.  Regardless of if your service requires 1 day or night of coverage or a location that is covered for 24 hours a day 7 days a week this uniform is a perfect one size fits most.

Next, we have our black pants, either tactical, dress or casual, black shoes or boots and a grey polo that identifies security on it.  A black duty belt will be worn in some forms of this attire.  That is at the customer’s discretion.  This is perfect versatile attire for a small gathering , a personal event, or an event that you want security but not a noticed presence.

Finally, we offer a suit and tie with dress shoes.  This is a perfect option for a black tie or charity event.  In this attire your security guard will fit in with the crowd while protecting your assets and property.  It would be a perfect fit for the events that security is needed but you prefer for them to blend in with the crowd.

The best uniform options in the business

Our sales team and operations manager will work with you to establish the best fit for your services.  We will see to it that all your security needs are met in a professional manner.  Our team will work to make sure your hand selected security guard is a glowing example of excellence in the security field.  The United Security Services team will make it our top priority that all your security needs are met.

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