Unarmed Guard Services

Security Guards in Ventura provides security guards services for our customers.  We are able to provide you with Unarmed Guard Services to fit your needs. Our sales and operations team will work with you to establish what services will work for your location.  Our Security Guard Services provide the necessary security for your assets while on your property.  The guards that are trained to be Unarmed Security Guards will observe your property and assets and make hourly reports that will go directly through our state of the art app we use to report to our clients.  In real time as a report is uploaded it will be available to you immediately using your personalized login.

Our team here at United Security Services understand that hiring security guards can be a bit intimidating for some and we are here to help. We also understand that not every location is alike. Different locations require different attire. Our team will work with you to establish the best fit for your location and Unarmed Guard Services needs.

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Unarmed guard services are able to deter crime more thoroughly than those without.

Unarmed Guard Services are able to provide protection in many different settings.  They act as a deterrent to some to avoid problems before they occur.  Our guards strive to protect your property and assets so you don’t have to worry about unnecessary property crimes.  They take pride in providing exemplary service and protection to locations such as residential, businesses, construction and so many more.

Our operations manager will partner with you to better understand the needs for your Unarmed Guard Services. He will create an individualized set of post orders that any guard that is a guard at your post will be expected to abide by.  We can use barcodes to verify certain areas of concern on your property are frequented so you won’t have to worry about those locations as you know your security is following up hourly

Professionally trained unarmed guard services hand selected to protect your property is just one of the benefits that our company has to offer.

Professionally trained.  Our Unarmed Guard Services go through rigorous onboarding and training sessions.  All of our guards go through a full background check and are licensed through the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS).  We provide unarmed security guard training to our guards as we expect our guards to be knowledgeable so they are able to handle any situation that may arise.  We only hire the best.  Our guards are a direct representation of United Security Services. 

Our company is flexible with necessary attire for any event Unarmed guard services is needed for.  We offer three different uniforms to accommodate your needs.  We offer our standard black tactical uniforms, a security polo with black tactical or dress pants.  For a more formal setting, we offer a suit and tie, perfect for a black-tie or charity event.  We understand that a uniformed guard is a deterrent.  We also understand your sole concern is the protection of your property, assets, or people at your location.  We can provide the protection you need.     

Our reporting style is able to be focused on your direct needs. Our Security Guards Riverside are trained thoroughly to make sure your property is monitored and all events are documented as necessary.  If you are looking for unarmed coverage for a one time event or if you are searching for that perfect match for a permanent company we have so much to offer our customers.  If you’re looking for a permanent post or a temporary event our Unarmed Guard Services are up to the task. 

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