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People, animals, things, and assets are all in need of qualified security guards to safeguard them from assaults, vandalism, disturbances, robberies, and other illegal activities. Security guards operate alone or with a security team to offer important services, and they typically work long shifts, which can be stressful and dangerous. You can decide if a career as a security guard is right for you by learning what a security guard does. We may learn what a security guard’s duties and responsibilities are in this article, as well as the requirements for becoming a security guard.

With so much riding on the shoulders of private security guards, we will analyze and evaluate the main responsibilities that these private security guards have to take care of.

Main Responsibilities of Private Security Guards

A security guard keeps an eye on their clients and their belongings, protecting them from threats of violence, assassination attempts, and other dangers. They may spend their entire shift guarding a specific location, or they may aim to improve their clients’ security by patrolling and monitoring their properties for potential criminal activity. A security guard can provide protection at events and when persons and assets are being transported. They may or may not carry guns for protection, and they may install surveillance systems, alarms, and controlled access technology to improve overall safety and security on the premises.

The following are examples of security guard duties and responsibilities:

  • being a visible authoritarian figure capable of deterrent
  • implementing trespassing laws and regulations
  • protecting high-traffic areas and monitoring all visitors
  • checking visitors’ identities or passes or issuing them passes
  • in charge of metal detectors and bag searches
  • checking security measures to prevent access to and photography in prohibited locations
  • doing routine checks in the areas they protect securing specific areas during maintenance work and emergencies
  • video monitors for security cameras are used to keep an eye on what’s going on.
  • maintaining vigilance and reporting suspicious activity
  • recognising potential hazards and taking steps to neutralise them
  • Taking action in the event of an emergency
  • assisting firefighters and police officers in rescue missions
  • identifying and detaining criminal or dangerous suspects
  • reporting criminal acts to the police
  • In the event of an assault or injury, the paramedics will be summoned.
  • alerting people on the need of taking appropriate safety precautions

Qualification required for Private Security Guards:

Formal schooling up to Class 8, Class 10 or above from a recognised board, as well as the ability to read, write, and speak the local language, are required for a security guard. A vocational training institute, a security training institute, or an armed forces training camp must have provided the security guard with training. Some security guards may be required to be proficient in martial arts and firearm handling.

In the security profession, security guards with significant educational qualifications, training, and experience can rise to supervisory or senior positions. They may be able to use their skills to establish their own security agencies.

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