The Advantages of Unarmed Guard Services Over Armed Services

The Advantages of Unarmed Guard Services Over Armed Services

When it comes to security, nothing beats the peace of mind that comes with knowing that reliable and protective people surround you. That’s why armed guard services are so popular – they are a deterrent to crime and a reassuring way to keep your loved ones safe. 

However, armed guards are expensive and time-consuming to hire. That’s where unarmed guard services come in – they’re cheaper, faster to deploy, and better equipped to handle delicate situations. There are so many advantages to using unarmed security guard services that it is worth considering them before making a decision.

How Unarmed Guard Services Benefit You Over Armed Services?

  1. Cost-effective

Unarmed security guard services are generally less expensive than armed security guard services. This is because security companies make heavy investments in training and arming the members of the armed services. Also, they take costly certifications to qualify for the role.

The unarmed security guard does not need intensive, costly training and does not carry weapons, so there are fewer liability concerns and less need for insurance.

  • Non-threatening

The presence of an unarmed security guard may be seen as less intimidating or aggressive than an armed guard, which can be helpful in specific settings like public events, school security, shopping malls, parks, etc.

Similarly, unarmed guards are less likely to trigger a response from violent criminals. This is because they do not carry weapons and are not trained to handle violent situations. On the other hand, armed guard services may be more likely to act aggressively if they feel threatened. They are trained to use force and may not hesitate to do so if they feel their safety is at stake.

  • Versatility

Unarmed security guards can perform a wide range of duties, including patrolling, checking IDs, directing traffic, and providing customer service. On the contrary, armed guard service is usually less diverse than unarmed guard services. This is because many people in security positions are typically well-trained and experienced in firearms use.

  • Customer Service

Unarmed security guard is helpful for customer service in many ways. For example, these guards provide a visible presence in a facility, making customers feel safer and more secure. This is especially important in retail environments, where the presence of a security guard help deter theft and other incidents.

Unarmed guards can also serve as a source of information for customers, providing directions or answering questions about the facility and its services. Additionally, unarmed guards help to maintain order and prevent disruptions, ensuring that customers have a positive experience while on the premises. 

  • De-Escalation

Unarmed guard services are useful in de-escalation because they are not perceived as threatening as armed guards. This reduces the tension in a situation and makes it more likely that the individuals involved will be willing to cooperate and calm down. 

Unarmed security guard services are also trained in conflict resolution and communication techniques, which help defuse volatile situations without using physical force. Additionally, the presence of unarmed security service serves as a deterrent to violence, as individuals may be less likely to act out if they know there is someone there to intervene.

  • Adaptability

Unarmed security service can be deployed in various settings and can be easily re-assigned to different areas as needed. They can work in more locations than armed security guards. They are more adaptable than armed guards because they do not have the added responsibility of carrying and maintaining a weapon. This allows them to focus more on their other duties, such as observing and reporting suspicious activity.

Moreover, an unarmed security guard can approach situations more calmly, as he does not have the intimidation factor of being armed.

  • Legal Issues and Liability

 If an armed guard is involved in an incident or accident while on duty, you can be held liable to pay for damages. Similarly, there may be legal issues or restrictions on using armed guards, depending on the location of your business and the type of work they are performing.

With unarmed security service, you are saved from all these hurdles. You can enjoy working in a peaceful environment without worrying about other matters, as in the case of armed guards.


With these benefits highlighted above, it is clear that hiring armed guards for your security is not always a good option. It is important to note that the appropriateness of using armed or unarmed guard services depends on the specific circumstances and the level of risk present. In some situations, it may be necessary for security guards to be armed to protect people and property effectively.

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