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People share the most common idea that all security guards are the same, be they armed, unarmed, or even patrol officers. Little did they know that they were all way different from each other because of their duty nature. Talking about security patrol officers, they are the most underrated ones. So before having a sneak peek at what a patrol security officer does, let us check who the security patrol officers are.

Who Are The Security Patrol Officers?

The security officers who maintain a property’s safety control the crime rate and preclude thefts are patrol security guards. Unlike other security guards, patrol officers perform duty at a particular location, specifically an outdoor location.

Duties of a Security Patrol Officer

The basic duties of a security patrol officer include;

Security Patrol Officer To Prevent Loss:

The security patrol officer is responsible for any scratches that happen on the property. Therefore, you can conclude that a patrol security officer’s duty is tougher than an ordinary security officer’s.

The property has to be checked by the guard to prevent things from being stolen and damage. In the case of any robbery, the guard will pay for it as it was his irresponsibility.

Patrol Security Guard Should Be Attentive:

Patrol security officers can not be like sitting in their cars and examining the property. The theft can come from anywhere. So he has to be active.

If he senses any irregular activity at the property, he has to take serious actions to prevent the situation from getting worse instead of predicting the results.

Patrol The Location:

The foremost duty of the security patrol officer includes patrolling the property. Most of the time, an automobile is granted to patrol guards. The automobile makes it effortless for them to examine the property from all sides. However, in those situations, when they do not have an automobile, they have to patrol the property by roaming around.

Active to Inform Emergency:

The moment the security patrol officer faces an emergency; he has to press the siren immediately to inform the department to come and control the situation. The patrol guard’s departments are linked with are the fire department, security department, and medical department.

Coordination With The Security Team:

Teamwork always leads to the destination. The security patrol guard does not perform his duty all alone. All the time, he is coordinating with the department and keeps informing them about the situation. The department is also tracking and monitoring the location using modern techniques.

Knowledge of Advanced Technologies:

The duty of a patrol security guard is incomplete if he is unmindful of modern security guard patrol techniques. Unfortunately, patrolling the property is not like a cup of tea. The guard necessitates using modern technologies to protect the property. The gadgets he should be aware of are the Walkie Talkie and tracking devices. 

How to Become a Security Patrol Officer

Here is another confusion. How to become a security patrol officer. To be a patrol officer, you have to pass a few tests.

The Basic Eligible Criterion:

You have to be older (21 years old), have a clear criminal background, have the flexibility to pass drug screening, and be eligible by the state to work as a security patrol guard. If these mentioned things are clear, then you are eligible for the position.

High School Degree or GED:

Complete your high school degree if you haven’t. You can also complete your GED degree instead of a high school degree. Remember, this is the least you should have. Without this degree, no department will accept you as their employee.

Guard Training:

Now take the second step and initiate your guard training. During this training, you will learn how to deal with different situations and how to be professional. Depending on which state you belong to, the training will last a long time. Ideally, the training takes around 3-4 weeks.

Strong Writing & Communication Skills:

Your command of writing and communication should be out-classed. The way you talk should reflect how professional you are. During duty hours, you will need to write notes about the activities on the property. For this, your writing also needs to be clear and engaging.

Apply For Open Positions:

Now you are all set to apply for the open positions of security patrol guard. While applying for the position, make sure that your resume is engaging enough to attract the attention of companies. Besides, attach a cover letter for an even better impression.

Present yourself as confident and professional if you are called for an interview. Share your ambitions about how you can protect the property with your presence & why you are the best option for the position.

The duties of security patrol are slightly different from others because of the demand. If you are considering your career as one, be sure to follow the guidelines mentioned above.

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