Patrol services are one of the many services we offer our customers to protect their property.

Here at United Security Services we offer courtesy and patrol services for many locations.  We provide on site Security Guard Services for many locations across the state of California.  Security or courtesy patrol for businesses, shopping centers, apartment complexes, Homeowners Association, personal residents and many more.  Our patrol services can also provide location specific tasks as needed.  They can unlock or lock up common areas, monitor pool or gym access after hours, assist with resident noise complaints, and alarm response to name a few.  They are able to monitor community gates and monitor guard shacks as well.  The presence of our patrol officers can deter criminal activity and make residence or business owners feel safer.  Is it also a proven fact that showing security presence reduces the rate of property crime. 

Our team here at Security Guards in Ventura understand that hiring security guards can be a bit intimidating for some and we are here to help. We also understand that not every location is alike. Different locations require different attire. Our team will work with you to establish the best fit for your location and security patrol services needs.

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Security patrol services are done to the customers needs.

Our experienced guards deter crime by showing a presence on your site.  All of our vehicles are marked and our officers are uniformed.  Visibly expressing a clear statement to those who may have tried to violate your property.  They are able to inspect your property and verify your premises are securely locked.  Our security patrol guards are on your site to protect your valuables.  Having a patrol officer on location can also provide rapid response in emergencies.  The guard at your specific location will be able to verify your property remains locked and secure when needed.  With this hourly follow up this could possibly reduce your insurance premiums as your liability risk drops dramatically.

Our operations team will make it a priority to arrange your patrol services to best service your needs

When you meet with our operations team to complete an ops walk our operations manager will be able to provide you with specific directions for your location that will have the greatest effect for reducing crime.  With over 20 years of experience at many different sites our operations manager will create post orders that will benefit your property and assets the most. 

Our patrol officers will complete rounds at your property and report via our state of the art app that will be available to you in real time.  You will be able to view pictures and reports that your personal guard has uploaded.  This will create a log for you or your property as it is uploaded.  Our officers are able to assist in removing homeless or transients from your location as well as verifying your property is secured and safe.  Our officers are trained to monitor your facility and report any inconsistencies.  Our Security Guards Riverside are professionals in the security field and they strive to be that first line of defense for your property and assets.  Guards that work for United Security Services strive to only provide the best customer service to you regardless of whether it is a one night event or a permanent account.  Protecting your property and assets is our business.  Our team as a whole strive to provide peace of mind to our customers.  We want our customers to know that their assets and property are in the hands of professionals with experience and integrity.  Security patrol is always a valuable asset to any location.

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