Patrol Security Guard Duties and Responsibilities

No matter how safe a region is, it is impossible to make it completely crime-free. Crimes like intrusion and robbery are inevitable. They take place every day. However, with the right security team, these crimes can be prevented if not eradicated. With the advent of technology, San Bernardino Security Guards Company has access to groundbreaking technology that keeps the chances of theft and invasion at bay. However, even the latest security systems cannot compete with the level of security provided by a security patrol officer. They are equipped with the right tools, expertise, and technology to prevent a crime before it happens. There are various patrol security guard duties that we will discuss in this article. 

If you wonder which duties you can assign your security officer, this article is for you. Today we are going to share the security patrol officer duties and responsibilities with you. So, without further ado, let’s get into the details.

Why Hire a Security Patrol Officer? 

Having mobile security officers on the premises ensures that occupants of the property and their assets are secure. A security patrol officer enforces law and order. His responsibilities include;

  • Looking out for illegal activity.
  • Protecting citizens.
  • Security of the site.

Before hiring a security guard, you need to ensure he has all it takes to perform the security patrol officer’s duties well. 

Duties And Responsibilities of Patrol Security Guards

Security patrol officers are hired to perform a variety of responsibilities, including: 

1. Patrol Security Guards Monitoring A Property: 

As the title indicates, the primary role of a security patrol officer is to patrol a premise to ward off the chances of criminal activity. Security Guards Los Angeles also use CCTV cameras to monitor the building to detect any suspicious activity or illegal behaviour. 

Apart from handling any untoward situation, they are also adept at using the latest technology such as alarm systems, CCTV cameras, navigation systems, and more. Their expertise includes both patrolling and monitoring the property behind a desk. 

2. Limit The Access To The Premises: 

Security patrol officer’s duties and responsibilities include controlling the access to the property they are hired to protect. They prevent unauthorized individuals from entering the building using specific protocols. For example, they only let the employees with the company’s badges in. They also maintain a log of the visitor’s information to ensure they have a valid credential to enter the company’s premises. 

3. Quick Response To Situations: 

No matter which type of situation arises inside a business, the security personnel should be the first ones to respond. They are trained to handle situations that include damage to the property, break-ins, fights within the offices, and more. Then, they resolve the issue at hand and make sure nobody gets hurt. 

4. Patrol Security Guards Property Supervision: 

The duty of security patrol officers includes daily inspection of the company’s premises to detect the presence of hazardous or illegal material or activities. In addition, they keep an eye out for the legal and safety issues that may put the life of the employees at stake. 

5. Offer Help When Needed: 

The job of the security officers also includes offering a helping hand when needed. They provide the necessary information to the visitor, guide them to the department they need to visit, walk clients to their cars and issue traffic warnings when necessary. 

6. Preventing And Reporting Losses: 

Security guard patrol techniques include inspecting the property for potential loss or damage. They also warn the violators, educate them about the safety policies and keeping them from entering the company’s property.

7. Controlling Traffic: 

The job of a security patrol officer is to ensure the smooth flow of traffic inside the building’s parking. In addition, they have to provide directions to the drivers. In case of an accident, the role of the security patrol officer is to help the drivers who require assistance. They also investigate the traffic accident to decide the next course of action. 

8. Detaining Trespassers And Offenders: 

The security patrol officers have the right to detain or arrest the trespassers using the citizen’s arrest right. But before doing so, they should issue citations and warnings. If the situation isn’t resolved through verbal communication, they have the right to hold the individuals who have committed the offence. 

9. Patrol Security Equipment Maintenance: 

It is the responsibility of the security patrol officer to maintain security. He is responsible for reporting any maintenance issues to the authority. A security officer should understand the instructions required to operate and maintain the security equipment. 


There are various patrol security guard duties you must be familiar with before hiring a patrol security officer. However, it will help you make the most of the money you have invested in hiring a security team for your company premises. 

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