Passive and Active Security How Both Protect Your Parking Lot

The parking lot is the third common place where 7% of violent crimes occur. Per the survey, 1400 individuals in the USA encounter attacks in parking lots daily. Hiring fire watch security guard companies in San Francisco is the best way to deal with this challenging situation.

It only takes a single incident to put a negative reputation on your business and dispirit the customers from ranking your business. While hiring security for your parking lot, you will come across two options; active and passive security.

Both have a distinct service mode. However, the same aim is securing the premises and providing security solutions.

This guide highlights active and passive security and how both secure your parking lot.

What is Active Security?

Security measurements are not only about handling the attacks when they occur- but also about preventing the cause. Active security, also known as proactive security, dissuades incidents before they happen.

The fire watches security guard companies in Orange County work day and night to keep an eye on the privacy invaders. The security guards are well-equipped with the latest technology and have plans to stop the attacks before they worsen the situation.

Active security includes installing security systems, anomaly detectors, alarm systems, and video surveillance to monitor the premises and hiring patrol security guards to monitor the property.

What is Passive Security?

Despite the 24/7 surveillance of the fire watch security Riverside guards, some attackers succeed in getting into the premises. That is when passive security handles the situation.

Passive security responds to the attackers and controls the security issues after they have already occurred. The passive security team works together to find a solution and handle the situation. Passive protection is widely used in different industries and fields. However, the wide use is for road and parking security.

Security guards advise on signs while monitoring parking lots. Signage in strategic locations helps alert people about potential hazards. Signs and stripes, for example, warn cars to slow down or that a severe turn is ahead and informs persons and possible criminals of security precautions in place, such as CCTV cameras. 

The fire watch security san Francisco also posts notices asking drivers to lock their car doors and not leave stuff in their vehicles to prevent potential problems.

Passive and Active Security — How Both Protect Your Parking Lot

While hiring the fire watch security guard companies in Sacramento for your parking lot, some will recommend you to hire passive security, while others will say active. However, the best is to hire both.

While the active security team ensures the premises remain safe from security threats, the passive security keeps the surroundings safe if any attack occurs.

Here is how active and passive security protects your parking lot;

Crime Deterrence:

As per the latest survey report, 11% of crimes occur in the parking lot. Out of which, 7% are violent crimes. Hiring active and passive fire watch security guard companies in San Diego help reduce criminal activities in the parking lot.

Suppose a suspicious person is trying to commit a crime. The active security team, using their quick reflexes, catches the person before he takes illegal actions.

On the other hand, passive security finds a solution to criminal activities occurring; to control the situation and maintain peace.

Inspecting Entry and Exit Ways:

Security officers are in charge of checking the entry and exit points; they double-check vehicles leaving and entering. This practice helps organize automobiles and control riskless drivers and traffic flow.

Checking the vehicle at the entry point helps ensure no weapon is brought into the building. On the other hand, checking the automobiles at the exit points helps ensure no sensitive information is leaking out.

Maintaining Log:

Not only in the parking lot but active and passive security maintaining logs always helps in crime detection. The security guards patrolling the entry and exit points maintain a log of every vehicle leaving and entering the premises. Later, the security authorities use the log during security breaches. It helps in arresting dubious individuals.

Sense of Safety:

Security guards in a parking lot can significantly help your guests’ and workers’ perceptions of safety and security, especially those who need to be at the facility during off days when they feel more exposed. 

The fire watch security in Sacramento may offer automobile escorts, check dubious individuals, and give a sense of security to visitors who visit your facility, even if their operations are never requested.

Active and passive security both work together to provide the best security solutions. Parking restrictions can help prevent potential threats and security breaches. Hire fire watch security in Orange County to secure your premises and protect your customers from violent crimes.

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