List of Top 10 Unarmed Security Guard Gears scaled

Security guards shed their blood and sweat to protect us. But when it comes to their protection- Who protects them? Of course, armed guards are still safe as they carry firearms, but what about unarmed security guard? How do they save themselves?

An unarmed guard carries more objects than the armed one. Scroll to the end to check the list of top 10 gears. 

Top 10 Unarmed Security Guard Gears

Following are the gears unarmed security guards necessitate.

Baton For Unarmed Security Guard

The equipment list starts from a self-protection object. For example, a baton is an iron rod considered one of the most necessary tools for an unarmed security guard. 

The scenario is pretty obvious. Unarmed guards can’t equip firearms, so for self-protection, the baton is crucial. In addition, this rod helps the guards protect themselves from attack enemies during the face-to-face fight.

Security Guards Pepper Spray

The second piece of equipment we have is pepper spray. It is not evident that the guard can deal with the situation using the security baton only. The enemies can be quick enough to snatch the baton. What will he do then? Pepper spray is a hidden self-protection object. 

Most of the time, unarmed security guards keep it hidden to use it in an emergency. Most states have now approved the use of Pepper spray for protection, even for civilians. Better is to confirm your department before using it.

Security Guard Flashlight

This object is not for self-protection but is super handy in emergencies. The duty of an unarmed security guard can be in any situation and location. However, to deal with it professionally, you have to be fully equipped. 

Flashlight aids during an investigation. We have noticed some guards carry a heavy-duty flashlight to use it as a striking device for self-protection. 

Unarmed Security Guard Boots

Wearing ordinary sneakers during duty hours is not a safe decision. Wear things that match your uniform and look professional per your profession. Boots look super classy with the uniform and are safe for all-day hustle. Most importantly, your feet are safe from all harsh conditions. Black boots are the most preferred ones with the unarmed security guard uniform 

Digital camera

Let us collect shreds of evidence by taking pictures. Be it armed security officer or unarmed both are supposed to collect proves while examining criminal locations.

Making notes is not enough. You have to attach a picture to seal the evidence as valid. Buy a digital camera with high-resolution. The size should be compact to fit in the belt or pocket effortlessly. 

Electric Shock Stun Gun For Unarmed Security Guards

By hearing the name, you might be thinking, is it allowed to carry this object? Well, it depends on the rules and regulations of your state. A few states have permitted the use of electric shock stun guns for self-defense, while a few are still arguing over it.

If your state and company allow you to use the electric shock stun gun, then make sure to have one in your security belt. Use it only when the situation is out of control.

Mobile Phone

This object is for personal as well as professional use. Sudden things can happen in private life as well. To contact your family when necessary, have your cell phone along with you during duty hours.

Make sure to use the phone only when necessary. Otherwise, keep it aside. Besides, save contacts of your company on the speed dial to call them immediately during an emergency.

Security Guard Medical Kit

Minor injuries like cuts and scratches are common during security hours. But, of course, you can’t leave your spot to go and grab first aid. So keep a mini first aid kit in your pocket for an emergency. 

Security Belt

The few things mentioned above are supposed to be carried in something but in hands. For sure, your pockets are not that spacious to hold the flashlight, baton, camera, notepad, and mobile phone. For this, you need a security belt.

Wear the belt around your waist and carry the unarmed security guard gear. Organize all the objects in the belt keenly so you can find them on time. The flashlight and pepper spray should be the first place to find. 


Here is the last object to carry. During working hours or meetings, sometimes you need to note down important points. Having a notepad will aid you in keeping everything organized and in one place. Keep the size of the notepad compact to adjust it in the pockets. Besides, also attach a pen/pencil with the notepad.


Before joining the duty, make sure to have the unarmed security guard gear mentioned above. Be prepared for all types of situations and give your 100% to protect yourself and your surroundings.

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