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Security patrol officer, a person that protects your property, minimizes criminal rates, and corporates with the whole department for efficient performance. According to the latest survey of Los Angeles, this career is on call these days. 

How about trying your luck here and making your future strong? If how to become a mobile patrol security officer is your query,then this content is all that you need.

Security patrol officer requirements 

To become a security patrol officerin Los Angeles, you have to meet the standards. Your age should be 21, at least with an approved medical and criminal background.


The Los Angeles state doesn’t have any specific or strict policies over education. Nevertheless, the basic you should have is a High-School degree or GED test equivalent to the High-school degree.

If you are applying for any specific mobile patrol security officerpost, you may also need to pass a video surveillance test or courses.


Let us talk about some certifications you need to add to your curriculum vitae. Security guards never necessitate any certificates to add to their resumes. However, a security officer is of a higher and respectable rank. And for this, some specific certifications are required;

·        Class D License:

This license is for an unarmed patrol security officer. The Los Angeles state grants this license after completion of the course. The class D license course takes 40 hours of training.

·        Class G certificate:

After seeking a class D license, your next goal is a class G license. Class G license is the surety that a person has completed his firearm training and can work as an armed security guard in any department. 


Earning the title of patrol security officerwithout completing any training is like driving a car without fuel. Of course, you can’t move forward! Most of the security companies in Los Angeles train security officers after hiring them the way they want.

On the flip side of the coin, some security companies demand pre-training. In that case, take eight-hour guard training. In this training, you will master the following aspects;

  • Writing reports
  • Self-defense
  • Performing first-aid
  • How to carry weapons professionally
  • Making strategic security plans

Skills required for security patrol car officer

  • Highly attentive to every detail;
  • The patience of working with large teams;
  • Physical and mental fitness;
  • Strong communication skills;
  • Leadership skills;
  • Efficient in making effective decisions;
  • Compliance with rules and regulations.

Responsibilities of patrol security officer

  • Training locals security guards
  • Establishing a team for the effective operation
  • Providing transcendent customer support
  • Patrolling a property from criminal attacks
  • Liaising with local guards during an investigation

We highly recommend you to choose asecurity patrol officeras your ultimate career as you will receive higher chances of growth. Make sure to focus on every single detail and rock on what you do.

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