How Security Guard Services use CCTV to help you

The way to know if a Security guard service is competent is to know if they are highly equipped with advanced technology. One of the most valuable tools they use is CCTV. If used the right way, CCTV can effectively help improve the security system of your business or residence.

Keep reading further to find out how your security guard service uses CCTV. 

Uses of CCTV in assistance to Security Guard Services 

CCTV is a beneficial means to help security services perform their duties efficiently, making them a vital asset to any security plan. Here is how they use CCTV to help you.

  1. Surveillance of the premise

The basic function of a CCTV is to keep an eye on the surroundings so that everything is being recorded at every instant. Here is how it does so:

  • 360-degree camera

Surveillance becomes quite convenient if your security guard service uses a 360-degree camera. This is because a 360-degree camera can record a wide-angle area and rotates in a circular motion to capture and grasp the whole place.

That makes it easier for the security guards to keep an eye on the entire arena without having to patrol around and do the extra work.

  • Storage

Security cameras have an inbuilt storage space; depending on the storage space, the recording can be kept for some days or weeks. So even if something misses from the glance of a security guard, they can still rewind to check the footage.

When the storage is full, the camera automatically replaces new footage with the old one. Your Security guard service can keep a copy of the footage before replacing it.

2.    Prevention of Crime

Understandably, the main purpose of using CCTV is to prevent crime. Here is how CCTV allows you to do so:

  • CCTV System Deterrence

Any security guard service uses CCTV cameras not only as a means of surveillance but also as a deterrent to crime. When criminals see a CCTV camera, they avoid attacking the place that incorporates its use. It’s because CCTV cameras capture video evidence recorded to be used by any law enforcement agency to prosecute the offender. 

Knowing their actions are being recorded, potential malefactors are less likely to commit crimes.

  • Video Analytics

The best part of using a CCTV camera is that they also have sophisticated video analytics software to help security guard services detect suspicious behavior. The sensor technology triggers alerts when it detects something unusual in the footage. 

It senses any unfamiliar act and enables security personnel to respond quickly and take preventive measures before committing the crime.

3.    Identification of Criminals

A plus point in CCTV footage is that it is not just evidence of a crime committed but can also prevent the same offender from committing a crime again. Here is how it does so:

  • Facial Recognition

Some CCTV cameras have facial recognition software that identifies individuals by facial features. The system simply feeds in the countenances of the offender. The software helps security guard services identify criminals next time before the crime is committed. 

So, the person can immediately be taken into custody by an official or legal authority. This way, criminals are caught before the act is finished.


Hence, CCTV cameras have revolutionized the way security guard services work. Security guard services such as United Security Patrol embrace this innovation and use it to provide top-notch services, and so are certainly trustworthy. 

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