Fire Watch Security Guard Services

Security Guards in Ventura is a security service performed by specially trained guards.  This type of security is very important in that it requires a security officer’s full attention. Fire Watch Security is performed when these specially trained guards are monitoring the safety functions on locations.  There are many reasons fire watches can be required.  Malfunctions of equipment can cause this to be required.  Fire Watch Security is usually done along with local officials that assist with emergencies. 

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Our fire watch security guards are the best in the business

Fire watch is a very serious security duty to perform.  We provide security guards to secure fire watches. Fire Watch Security requires a guard who is extremely observant and thorough.  This particular security typically consists of a Fire watch security officer who is constantly patrolling and watching for hazards.  It is their job to identify these hazards and report them to the proper authority as needed.  This is also a post that requires thorough logs to be kept. 

If a guard is requested for a fire watch because a fire monitoring system isn’t working properly it will require very thorough guard services.  Our trained Fire watch guards are up for the task.  The Fire Watch Security will be in contact with local fire authorities and will be required to report any problems they may notice from these malfunctions.  If a fire breaks out it will be the responsibility of the security office to report this to the fire department and notify the property manager and owners as needed once the situation has been made secure. 

It is our goal to assist Security Guard Services with protecting your assets by monitoring your property and assets closely. We will be there to provide the Fire Watch Security protection you need. We have specialty trained guards that have experience with what they need to be aware of for a Fire Watch Security. Using our most innovative technology we will be able to complete the fire watch thoroughly and provide you with exemplary Security Guards Riverside. Our guards will report to the proper officials if needed and do their best to keep your location safe and secure. Your personalized account manager will assist you with any questions you may have. As always our dispatch team will be available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to answer any questions after hours as well. We understand that a fire watch is important and needs to be taken seriously. We have guards that are trained specifically for these situations. Our operations manager will personally oversee all operations for the fire watch to verify they are taken care of as required.

Why you should choose us:

  • Fast Dispatch – We have guards on standby waiting for your call, nationwide. We guarantee your guard will be on time and ready for service
  • Fully Equipped – Your guard will be fully equipped from the moment they set foot on your property.
  • Fire Marshall Compliant – Your guard will keep a log and monitor the area per city and state ordinance.
  • Emergency Trained – All of our fire watch officers are trained to identify hazards and work with the local 911 authorities

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We are the fire watch security experts

United Security Services looks forward to providing you with excellent  and thorough service for all your fire watch needs.  We will make sure you have a guard at your location who is up for the task.  We look forward to making you part of the United family while providing you with excellent Fire watch security guard services.  We strive to make sure your property is safe and secure even in times as stressful as a need for fire watch.  Our team will work their hardest to ensure a safe and secure process.