7 Safety Tips for Armed Security Guards Patrolling Business This Halloween Season

Halloween is the time of the year that brings craziness, fun, and happiness to dull souls. Be it kids, teenagers, or adults: all enjoy being crazy in the scary pumpkin vibes. 

Yet, the situations are not the same for everyone. Some prefer staying on duty instead of enjoying time with their families. Yes, we are talking about armed security guards.

The crazy vibes of Halloween make it difficult for the guards to control the businesses. Keeping that in mind, we’re sharing some safety tips for armed security guards. 

1.     Monitor the location 24/7

On occasions like Halloween, Christmas, and Ester, most businesses throw flat 50-70% sales on every item. This time is also the premium chance for shop pickers to show their talent, which you never know about.

What you need to do is monitor the location with security cameras to keep a veiled eye on the attendees. The shop pickers will think no one is there, so they can do whatever they want.

Little did they know, United Services Security keeping their detective eyes on them without letting them know. The moment they pick something, bam! Time to showcase your skills. 

2.     Prevent crowd gathering

People love to make reels while wearing cheesy and crazy Halloween outfits. And why not? It is the time of the year when everyone enjoys being crazy in their own world.

Allowing the crowd to gather together to make reels come with security risks. The crowd can argue over small things, or they can push or pull anyone, setting the fire all around.  

Keep everything in limit under your control. If the crowd is gathering, then don’t let more than 10-12 people. Each security guard should have a baton to control the crowd. 

Besides that, keep them away from expensive items and shopping racks. Who knows they pick something up while making videos?

3.     Set temporary barriers

It may sound new to you, but you really need to do this. Not only for Halloween but for every occasion, when the crowd rate is at its peak, set temporary barriers to protect business property.

At places where there are high chances of shop picking, put temporary barriers to prevent crowds from crossing the lines. Besides that, armed security guards also need to protect the rare and expensive with temporary barriers. 

4.     Multiple checkpoints

Now let us take our conversation on the professional level. Aforementioned, controlling crowd occasions is 10 xs chaotic compared to ordinary days. Families visit different places to spend their holidays, and your business can be one of them.

At the entrance, set multiple checkpoints to make it effortless for the armed security guards to examine then let anyone enter your location.

ID verification is a must during this time. Make a detailed list comprising attendees’ names and contact information.

Keep the information saved in the database to use in the future in case any mishap happens. Even better, if you only allow families to visit instead of friend groups. 

5.     Keep patrolling around

Relying totally on the security cameras is not a cool move at all! For sure, the person can miss some elements as he is monitoring through the screen. Keep your security services standards high and keep patrolling the location.

Divide the location and guide the armed guards to Patrol Services around and don’t miss anything. Be active and smart enough to detect suspicious activities.

When to take action and how to inform the department, the armed security guard should be professional with all these tactics. 

6.     Keep communication tight

For armed security guards, coordination is the key to make every plan and project successful. Whenever there is an event or occasion, the guards need to keep their communication tight to avoid misfortunes.

Walkie Talkie is the equipment widely used for effortless communication. Since time is advanced, nowadays, most guards prefer using Bluetooth headphones. 

The best part about Bluetooth headphones is hands remain free all the time. The earpiece effortlessly fits in the ear and offers efficient performance. 

7.     Emergency plan

The crucial reason that most businesses encounter attacks and robberies during Halloween time is because of not having a proper emergency plan. Why are you so sure that you can control everything, like the price of the cake?

No matter what, prepare an emergency plan. Have a detailed meeting with your Armed Guard Services about how to deal with situations and when to drive the emergency plan.

The emergency plan should comprise tactics and tips of controlling the panicking crowd and sudden mishaps without damaging the property. Bear in mind property protection should be the topmost priority of every security guard.

By keeping all the safety tips in the loop, the Unarmed Guard Services can control the crazy Halloween situations effortlessly. Be active and act smart. Don’t let people gather and touch the property.

Lastly, be prepared with your backup plans to control the sudden changes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do armed security guards need to wear a mask during the Halloween season?

Not necessarily. Wearing a mask during the Halloween season will hide their identity, making it hard for them to patrol the business. Better is to not wear a mask and perform duty Hire Security Guards Los Angeles.

Can security guards wear costumes on Halloween?

They can if their department and business where they are performing security services allow them. In general, cases, performing duty in customs is challenging for guards as they can’t be comfortable and flexible the way they want to be.

How to make safety plans for a Halloween party?

Have multiple meetings with your department regarding security plans. If the business is under security threats, the guards need to make a plan accordingly Fire Watch Security Riverside. Besides that, make some changes as well before the due date of the event.

Is it allowed to distribute treats for armed guards?

It depends on what their department and business say about this. If yes, then go for it. If not, then don’t try to do something that risks your job.

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