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Your trade growth is facing a downfall because your business has security threats, and no customer is investing in it. Why don’t you hire security guard services San Diego to secure your business?

In today’s scammy world, trusting someone has never been easy. Checking reputation, claims, and services are how you hire someone. Keeping that in mind, below are the 11 crucial questions to ask when hiring a security company in San Diego. 

1.     Is the company owned locally or a national chain?

On your way to finding the best company in San Diego, your first consideration should be; does the company offers services locally in San Diego, or is it a national chain?

Usually, local security guard services San Diego are for small businesses. If your business is also based mainly in San Diego, then locally operated companies are good to go with. Nevertheless, national-chain companies are also good. 

2.     What’s their reputation in San Diego?

Reputation defines how trustworthy any security guard company is. For sure, you don’t want to end up investing in a company you claim to be the best, but whenever tested, always disappointed with the performance.

Read the testimonials and reviews by past customers. Figure out how satisfied they are with hiring them. The good to go review score should be 60% positive. 

3.     Their criteria of hiring security guards

Now let us talk about how versatile the company is when it’s about hiring security guards. Not the selecting department nor the security officers, but the security guards are the real face of the company.

Have a detailed conversation on how they hire their guards. Do they pass them through screen testing or do they have any specific criteria to select the candidates? If their answers satisfy you fully, you are good to move forward. 

4.     Do they offer a uniform option?

The majority of the folks when hiring security patrol San Diego services never consider this point. Although a uniform is not such a big case, having it makes guards look more professional.

What you need to ask them is do they have their specific uniform, or you are allowed to make them wear your business attire. If they allowed you to use your business code dressing, then it is a plus point for you as it will promote your business. 

5.     Do they consider your needs?

Your ideas can never match with anyone as each individual has his mindset. While interviewing your security company, try to figure out if they consider your needs?

The contract you are signing with them should consider your preferences and needs as well. Don’t let the company decide what you need and whatnot. If the company doesn’t let you share your needs, it is better to stay away from them.

6.     How well-trained are their guards?

Besides asking their selection criteria, you also need to discern how versatile their selected candidates are. It will help if you ask them to let you interview the security guards.

If they do so, ask the guards why you need to appoint them for security guard service San Diego or what makes them stand out in the crowd. Their answers should reflect their experience and skill level.

7.     Do they incorporate technology in services?

Continuing your interview with the security guards, the next thing to ask the guards is; are they well-aware of the use of the latest technology to make the security guard service San Diego even better?

The basic technology the guards should incorporate includes Walkie Talkie, scanning device, tracking device, control panel, alarm siren, door sensor, and keychain remote. These devices are the basic ones. Knowledge of advanced devices is a cherry on the top. 

8.     What experience do they have that matches your needs?

Remember, every security need is different from others, and only a specific security department can fulfill that. You should know the reason what makes their security guard services San Diego the perfect match for you.

More specifically, what experience they have makes them stand as the best candidate. Again, their answers should define their experience and skill level. 

9.     How much do they cost?

You are running a business, and you are not supposed to end your bank balance by hiring security guards. Right? How much they cost and how much you can offer; both play a hand-to-hand role.

See their pricing plans. Do they cost extra service charges? Oh, are they asking for extra bucks to incorporate with the latest technology? Stay away from such charges! You only need to pay the monthly and bi-annual charges. 

10.Are they licensed and insured?

Hey, are you signing the contract without checking the license and insurance? Well, that is not a safe move. Talking about the license, San Bernardino Security Guards Company offers that the company you are collaborating with is reliable.

While on the other hand, the insurance is for extra customer coverage. Mishaps are pretty common in the security field. Having insurance gives them confidence that if any mishaps happen, the company will cover them up. 

11.How do they deal with emergencies?

That is the last thing to ask. Aforementioned, turnovers in security services are common but the way the security team deals with them matters. Cover up your interview by asking about their backup plan.

Suppose a robber is here at the business and threatening every attendee. How will the security guards deal with him keeping the environment safe?

No doubt, the list is super long, but remember, you are handing over your business to someone. Nevertheless, the 11 questions mentioned for hiring security guard services San Diego are crucial. Make sure to ask all to sign a secure contract.

Lastly, whatever you want to ask regarding the security guard services San Diego, leave your query in the comment section below. 

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